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Rosco Vapour Plus Spare Parts Diagram

Rosco V-Hazer Spare Parts Diagram

Vapour Fog Machine Spare Parts Diagram

SimpleSpin® Exploded Part Diagram

I-Cue Exploded Parts Diagram

Case Study: BIPOC Artists Illuminate Their Truth With Projected Art & Poetry

Case Study: Creating The Gangster Film Look With Rosco Ambassador Graham Sheldon

Case Study: Binkley Reflections - A Tribute To Howell


OT DIM Data Sheet

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Off Broadway Scenic Sets Data Sheet

Case Study: How To Paint Stunning, Realistic Stained Glass

Case Study: Be The Hero In Your Next Green Screen Shoot – Light It With DMG MIX®!

Rosco Gobos for Health

Rosco Standards for Gobo Artwork Creation & Reproduction